Water 20artist statement

Meanings are often slippery. They come and they go. They slide between lines that want to contain. Painting is more about the art of making the work and the acceptance of uncertainty. Painting is trusting instinct, to plunge into the unknown and allow the process to carry the work and unveil the rhythm of the paint.

Painting is stepping into the present moment. This process is about going inward as well as opening out. It is a journey toward something about myself. It is a search for possibilities, perhaps hope. Like pages in a book, each painting leads to and informs the next. I try not to judge, but to see and to know when and where the painting has settled into itself.

This group of paintings is inspired from nature. While the landscape is always there, the process and expressive quality of the paint take precedent over the depiction of any particular place. I live by the ocean and I am drawn to open space. The unique qualities of light that reflect off the sea and in expansive space spill into the paintings.